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So here it goes, please bare with me, going to go on a bit of a ramble but I’ll get to the important bits soon enough.


First and foremost, next three weeks, everything on the floor is at least 25% to 50% off, includes bikes. Bonus discount if you provide a screenshot showing you shared this post on a social media platform of your choice.


13.75 years ago Ellie and I opened a business. We had no idea what we were doing, but we did it. Our little business has soldiered on. Things have changed but we’ve tried to keep things pretty consistent when possible. Now it’s time for radical rethinking.


Sometimes we made some really awesome decisions, hiring Dave, Jeff, Howard, Dave and Zanna is the top of my list. Moving to the “Deep South” also is one of the better things we’ve ever done. Starting our little but totally amazing family is also up there.


Oxygen Cycles started as a family affair but as our little family grew it has became more and more my affair. For the last 11 years Ellie has centred her life around our precious little ones while I’ve concentrated on the shop. And that has worked really well for us for a long time. However things change. Ellie has been offered an amazing career opportunity and unfortunately while our little business is good at keeping its lights on, it can’t do that and pay for someone to run it while I run our household, so a decision has had to be made. 


Some days the decision has felt easy. No secret that when 143 Main Rd was butcher’s shop they wouldn’t have needed a cool room in winter. No secret that I’m not a fan of the bike industry’s long term inability to stick to a standard or to its new love of shoving batteries into everything.


Some days the decision is hard. The shop has been really busy lately. The last bike we ordered in was one of the raddest bikes I’ve put together, the sun is shining and our locals are some of the greatest people around. 


Some days the decision was the last thing on my mind. One of the very very best things about this business has been the amazeballs young people who’ve came through as work experience kids. Saying a final final good-bye to one of the greatest ever has hit me in a way I couldn’t have predicted and made this all harder and more complicated, yet also more imperative and urgent, than I could have imagined.


At this stage it would seem like I’m saying I’m shutting the shop and throwing my tools into the ocean. Not quite.


Yes we are closing our premises at 143 Main Road. No Oxygen Cycles is not going away (for too long)


We will reopen, but smaller, yes smaller, than ever. No more traditional bicycle retail. No more hire bikes. Being locked to being inside eight hours a day can go suck a big one. There will be a workshop. It will be by appointment and on call only. It will be in Aldinga, exactly where is still being finalised but being within yelling distance of home is the number one priority. 


Riding bikes got me into this business, yet now this business has got me out of riding bikes. I like camping. This business has got in the way of going camping and I like being goof off dad with my kids. This business has got in the way of that. That needs to change. On Saturday Oct 21 we’ll be locking up for the last time.


I’m going to be clearing a lot of stock in the next three weeks.  We’ll even be clearing a lot of our shop fittings and, if I can force my hands to let go of them, some tools. Come in, say hi, pick up a bargain.




This has been a long way to say “so long and thanks for all the fish”,


I will be honouring any complementary services on bikes we have sold. Please get in touch to arrange. If it looks necessary I’ll be reserving workshop only to complementary services for recently purchased bikes.


Please watch this space for more. We will be keeping our Facebook page, website and email address open. 


Thanks for everything,


Bert, Ellie, Kaiden and Izzy

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The Big Thank You.


Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping us clear out a big pile of stuff and coming in to say good-byes and farewells.


We'll be around the shop pretty much everyday from here till the 31st, we have a lot of work to do, but the shop is not open. If you see us around feel free to come in, have a chat, maybe find a final bargain and help us tidy up, but we are no longer hiring out bikes or doing service work.


As to the question of where and when the new workshop will happen, the answer is 'in a bit'. Sorry we can't answer more accurately, allowing for the building industry's Christmas break it probably won't be until late Summer. Please follow our Facebook page or sign up below to stay informed.




Bert, Ellie, Kaiden and Izzy



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